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Home Reports Northern Territory Into Oblivion? Disappearing Mammals of Northern Australia
Into Oblivion? Disappearing Mammals of Northern Australia PDF Print E-mail
Reports, Resources, Northern Territory
Thursday, 14 October 2010 16:16

"Since European settlement, the deepest loss of Australian biodiversity has been the spate of extinctions of endemic mammals. Historically, these losses occurred mostly in inland and in temperate parts of the country, and largely between 1890 and 1950. A new wave of extinctions is now threatening Australian mammals, this time in northern Australia. Many mammal species are in sharp decline across the north, even in extensive natural areas managed primarily for conservation. The main evidence of this decline comes consistently from two contrasting sources: robust scientifi c monitoring programs and more broad-scale Indigenous knowledge..."

Fitzsimons, J., Legge, S., Traill, B. & Woinarski, J. (2010) Into oblivion? The disappearing native mammals of northern Australia. The Nature Conservancy, Melbourne.


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