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Ecological Connectivity for a Changing Climate PDF Print E-mail
Adaptation, Corridors
Tuesday, 07 June 2011 10:28

“A frequently proposed strategy to reduce the negative effects of climate change on biological diversity is to increase ecological connectivity (Heller&Zavaleta 2009)— the flow of organisms and ecological processes across landscapes (Taylor et al. 1993). Traditionally, conservation professionals have sought to maintain or restore connectivity to ensure gene flow among isolated populations and promote recolonization of vacant patches (Hanski 1998). Given the rapid emergence of connectivity enhancement as a climate-change adaptation strategy, we considered whether connectivity should be emphasized in conservation strategies as global or regional temperatures increase and what principles for connectivity enhancement could be applied to maximize the usefulness of the strategy...”


Krosby, M., Tewksbury, J., Haddad, N.M., and Hoekstra, J. (2010). Ecological Connectivity for a Changing Climate. Conservation Biology 24(6): 1686–1689