Terrestrial Biodiversity Adaptation Research Network

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Priority Research Areas

With the imminent release of the National Adaptation Research Plan (NARP) and call for Expression of Interest funding proposals, the NCCARF-Terrestrial Biodiversity Network is trying to facilitate research collaboration on the Priority Research Areas outlined in the NARP.

It is hoped that with this information it will be easier to submit nationally collaborative research proposals that address Priority Research Areas for Terrestrial Biodiversity.  There will be some emphasis on research consortia in the assessment of project proposals. If you have any further questions about this process please feel free to contact me.

The files linked to each priority research area below are the people which nominated this area of research interest.

5.1 National/ Continental scale goals
5.1.1 New conservation goals under Climate change

5.1.2 Legal, policy and institutional architecture needed to achieve conservation goals

5.1.3 Long term observation systems and conceptual models

5.2 Regional issues
5.2.1 Designs of landscapes to confer maximum resilience

5.2.2 Climate change interaction with other key stressors

5.2.3 Carbon mitigation to maximise biodiversity conservation

5.2.4 Linking socio-economic trends to yield biodiversity outcomes

5.3 Local land management issues
5.3.1 Costs/benefits of adaptation measures to key communities and ecosystems

5.3.2 Fire management adaptation

5.3.3 Response of management in local protected areas

5.3.4 Whole area management for minimising biodiversity loss