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Workshop 1: Conservation Planning

Dynamic Conservation Planning in a changing climate - Report

13th-19th November 2009

Convened by: Bob Pressey, Stephen Williams

This workshop took place on 9-13th of November 2009 in the Daintree region of North Queensland, convened by Bob Pressey and Steve Williams, and was focused on dynamic conservation planning for maintaining biodiversity under uncertain future global climate scenarios. The workshop was attended by 15 scientists from an array of backgrounds and institutions. Workshop participants were posed with the question: ‘What does current conservation planning NOT do, which it should do better, to deal with climate change?’ In response, attendees framed outlines a manuscript covering the following:

  • a review of current and future directions for dynamic conservation planning,
  • an exploration of Australia’s current conservation planning policy (the CAR policy),
  • and the role of communities/ecosystems as a surrogate for biodiversity in conservation planning.

The paper from this workshop has recently been published in Climatic Change. The paper provides a much needed decision framework for actions and decisions aimed at conserving biodiversity under climate change, from ongoing conservation actions in existing refugia to assisted colonization and ex-situ breeding and conservation programs.

  1. Shoo et al (2013) Decisions for managing biodiversity under climate change. Climatic Change

Participants: Bob Pressey, Steve Williams, Luke Shoo, Lorena Falconi, Brendan Wintle, Ary Hoffmann, Collin Yates, Martin Taylor, Jeff Price, Rachel Warren, Stephen Garnett, John Scott, Diogo Alagador