Terrestrial Biodiversity Adaptation Research Network

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Queensland Roadshow

Terrestrial Biodiversity and climate change adaptation in Queensland - Management and Policy

Tuesday, 14th September 2010, Ship Inn

South Bank, Brisbane

  Video presentations from Queensland Roadshow


Who should come: management agencies, policy makers, NGO’s, state/local government and any interested parties

Time Program Speaker Presentations
9:00 Welcome and what we hope to achieve today.    
Morning session: Presentations - from the researchers and the stakeholders
9:20 National overview on Climate Change adaptation and terrestrial biodiversity and the National Adaptation Research Plan Prof. Stephen Williams
  Terrestrial Biodiversity network –what you can get out of it. Dr. Yvette Williams
  What are the key issues for QLD for climate change adaptation and decision tools for adaptation Prof. Hugh Possingham
10:30 Morning Tea
11:00 The science of biodiversity adaptation
Presentations by the researchers:
  * Examples of biodiversity adaptation in Queensland

A/Prof. Catherine Lovelock

A/Prof. Jean Marc Hero

Prof. Roger Kitching

11:30 How are managers and policy-makers dealing with climate change adaptation for biodiversity and what are the greatest challenges.
Presentations by the stakeholders:
  * State Government - Department of Environment and Resource Management Danielle Shanahan  
  * Local Government - Brisbane City Council Stacey Mclean
  * Indigenous knowledge group - Conservation on Country N/A  
  * Local conservation group - WWF Martin Taylor  
13:00 Lunch
Afternoon session: Workshops
14:00 Identify key themes for adaptation challenges    
  * Group discussion on defining broad adaptation challenges for Terrestrial Biodiversity in Queensland.    
14:30 Working groups draw up adaptation research priorities and how they could be addressed  
16:00 Afternoon tea
* Report back and close, facilitator to draw together learning, threads and extract future options