Terrestrial Biodiversity Adaptation Research Network

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Survey Results

We received 56 reponses to our web-based survey in early 2010. Results were strongly positive in that members feel informed, find network research support activities useful, and events and resources informative. We opened the floor to suggestions from members and received useful advice regarding TRE-bulletin content, web-based resources, and general network functioning. Here you can find the results:


Tick any of the following which you have found informative:
Email updates on network activities 77%
Terrestrial Research E-bulletin 64%
Information sheets 40%
None of the above 5% (3 people)
Do you feel that you receive too many emails from the Terrestrial Biodiversity Network?
Too many 9%
Adequate 87%
Feel uninformed 4%
Would you prefer PDF attachments of Terrestrial Research E-bulletin (TRE) or a link to the relevant webpage?
PDF 44%
Link 56%
What else would you like to see in the NCCARF-TB TRE-bulletin?
  • Critical information about whether climate change adaptation is a smart thing to be working on.
  • Much more transparency in development of programs and projects.
  • Opportunities for participation are extremely limited.
  • Case studies with research findings.
  • More updates on relevant science being done across Australia
  • Information on up coming conferences before the abstract submission period closes. Otherwise the bulletin is good and I like the conference and paper updates.
  • Funding notice board (to advertise or search for funding or research. Conference support for students. Undergraduate summer scholarships

Research Support

Tick which of the following research support activities you might use:
$7000 Honours/Masters grant for yourself/your students 45%
$3000 PhD collaborative travel grant for yourself/your students 46%
NARP implementation funding (upcoming) 57%
Funding notice board (to advertise or search for funding opportunities - upcoming) 86%

Events (workshops/symposia/seminar series/roadshow)

Tick which of the following events that the network could host in the future you might find informative to attend.
Collaborative workshops 71%
Symposia (linked to national or international conferences) 62%
Seminar series 39%
Roadshow (a workshop held in each state/territory to determine adaptation needs for Terrestrial Biodiversity) 54%
What are the barriers to you attending these events?
Funding 63%
Time 71%
Interest 7%


Which of the following resources available via the network website might you use or contribute to?
Reports, Strategies and grey literature 71%
Publications (Peer Reviewed Journals) 73%
GIS layer database (Spatial layers which are publically available for you to use) 48%
Links to relevant websites 63%
What other terrestrial biodiversity and climate change resources should the network seek to make available?

Comment box

Are there other online resource sharing facilities that you have seen that you would like to see utilised similarly in this network? Please nominate: http://

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One of the goals of the network is to “synthesise these inputs into recommendations and frameworks that will guide the way forward for Australia to adapt to global climate change”. If you are an “end user” of research, how might the network best meet your needs for delivery of useful research information?
Anything else you would like to tell us or see the network carry out?

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