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Monday, 18 January 2010 09:59


National Public and Aboriginal Lands contains data about boundary greater than 40 hectares, this includes the attribute information of parcels of public, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander land in Australia.  Areas smaller than 40 hectares are incorporated as point locations (includes nature reserves, forests and Aboriginal land).

Categories include:
  • nature conservation reserves
  • forestry reserves
  • Aboriginal land
  • water reserves
  • defence reserves; and
  • mining reserves.
Attribute information includes (as applicable to the type of reserve):
-          State and reserve name
-          reserve type
-          administering authority
-          size (in hectares)
-          identification number; and
-          dates of original proclamation and latest update.
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Type of data
GIS Dataset
GIS, administrative boundaries, boundaries, land use
ArcInfo Export, ArcView Shapefile and MapInfo mid/mif
Use reproduce, adapt and distribute data and derivatives to end-users. Cost free download
Australia, including all external territories
Spatial Extent
N Lat :-7.0    W Long :40.0
S Lat :-70.0    E Long :175.0
Coordinate System and Datum
Geographical, AGD66
Geoscience Australia


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